01/29/13 Barnegat Bay

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Seaside Park is open to the public again.  I went over to the Barnegat Bay and found my two favorite docks. One survived Hurricane Sandy just fine, the other was not so lucky.

1 DSC_4202HDR1aL5600

2 DSC_4149a3L600

3 DSC_4095aL600


4 DSC_4063aL600

5 DSC_4238HDR1a3600

6 DSC_4253aL3600

  1. Kelly Fronte says:

    How come there r no shots of the Log Flume? I would really like to see the status of that ride as that also was a staple on the seaside boardwalk.

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