02/15/13 Resting Coaster

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Well, after some “recon” I was able to get on the beach in Seaside on Friday. I was hoping to stay until after dark for some night shots, but the police were not big fans of star trails. It was such a gorgeous, calm night. I felt kind of sad as I realized this majestic coaster will not be resting here much longer. While it waits patiently, my obsession with it continues.

1 DSC_5062HDR1aL3600

2 DSC_5142aL3600

3 DSC_5062HDR1aL5600

4b DSC_4835aLb600

5 DSC_4835aL7700


  1. johendley says:

    I like the last one with the sun behind you

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