03/11/13 Ferris Wheel (Funtown Pier)

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

I was able to get down on the beach behind the Funtown Pier for about 10 minutes. My freedom ended quickly with an angry cop yelling from the pier. The light was pretty harsh so I tried again at dusk, but the tide was too high to get there from the beach. I’m not sure how long the ferris wheel will be there as I heard they will scrap it soon.

21 DSC_6526aL3b600

22 DSC_6491a3Lb5600

23 DSC_6443aLb3600

24 DSC_6476aLb600

25 DSC_6548ab3600

26 DSC_6511aL600

  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Cool photos, Ray. Glad you don’t mind braving all the hazards of law enforcement to “get the story” in pics. I know a good attorney if you need one. 🙂 On a more serious note, I like the B&W treatment of these images. Gives the scenes a historical look from years back.

  2. Andrea Potanovic says:

    I was there yesterday and witnessed all this myself. Your pictures truly capture the loss and emptiness of what was once a wondrous place. I sure hope tha one day your pictures show us a revitalized Jersey shore. It’s going to be wonderful watching it come back to life through your lens.

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