06/01/13 Island Beach Stars

Posted: June 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

As I pulled up to the guard shack at Island Beach State Park at 1 AM, I figured I had no shot to get into the park at this time.  But, I caught a break, the guard was sleeping in his chair. So I just rolled my Subaru very quietly right on past. I had never been in the park after dark.  I pulled off the main road and found a dark area. After a few shots, I realized the Milky Way was visible on this super clear night. That’s pretty rare with all the light pollution in Ocean County. Then a fox decided to keep me company while I photographed the skies. It was a good night.

1x DSC_0848a7N600

3x DSC_0839a3Nx600

7 DSC_0856aN600

9 DSC_0786a600

5 DSC_0866a7600

  1. Sharon and Glenn says:

    Fascinating photography!

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