09/06/13 NASA’s “LADEE” Launch

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

On Friday night at 11:27 PM, NASA’s “LADEE” (Luna Atmosphere Dust Environmental Explorer) was launched from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. Most of the east coast could view the path across the beautiful clear sky. With little time, I raced down to Island Beach State Park, the closest dark area. Quickly set up my gear and within two minutes the rocket was speeding directly at me. It was quite an awesome sight. After the launch I stayed for another 180 exposures and stacked them for a star trail. As usual a few fox showed up to keep me company.

3 Trail6x600

1 Trail8x600

5 StarTrail3x600

7 DSC_7094a5600

5xx DSC_6584a3600

  1. marion says:

    Love them all especially the 2nd stage rocket launch. As always, wonderful images. I especially like the last two. What trickery did you use? Just kidding, sure this is a wonderful “new look/new direction” to follow.

  2. marion says:

    oh my gosh, only 187 other captures that night. I think we shoot the same way. One image leads to another and I get lost in them.

  3. Sharon and Glenn says:

    A Space Odyssey 2013!

  4. Cameron Wuesthoff says:

    I love all you work. As a local and fellow photographer I’ve really been in awe over the amazing shots you get.

    • rtyblog says:

      Thanks, Cameron, I appreciate that. What type of stuff do you like to photograph? Send me a link so I can check out your work.

      • kwesht says:

        To be honest, I’m pretty new. Well, finally starting to do a lot more but I’ll shoot anything but my favorite are action shots, surfers, dirt bikes, anything where there is an intense an emotional action going on but I really love shooting everything. Urban or rural areas are always fun too. I’m just starting a blog but I’ll keep you up to date. Ill def be following you and your work on here

      • rtyblog says:

        That’s cool. Now and then, send me an image. Take care, Ray.

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