11/05/13 Cape May

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

I headed to Cape May to hopefully find some late migrating birds. I roamed through the woods for a couple of hours but only spotted a few swans and mallards. But it was such a nice day, I stayed for sunset. Cape May has one of the nicest beaches in New Jersey. It was a beautiful calm night with little wind. I had planned to stay late for some night photography, but the clouds rolled in.

1x DSC_9909HDR1a7600

3x DSC_9849a5600

17x DSC_9988a600

13 DSC_9954a3600

5 DSC_9884HDR1a5600

9 DSC_9939a5600

7 DSC_9894a9600

11x DSC_9760a3600

  1. Sharon and Glenn says:


  2. Ken Curtis says:

    Quack, quack. Wonderful photos, Ray.

  3. Marie Claude Billet says:

    Glorious and magnetic shots…. making me feel like taking a walk there…..Such wonderful environment…. !!!!…… and the mallard looks real..!!!!

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