01/17/14 The Dunes at Island Beach

Posted: January 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Even when you don’t see the Snowy Owl, Island Beach State Park is still a pretty awesome park to explore. No Snowy Owl for me today, but a fox was waiting at my car when I returned. I never get tired of meeting the fox. They are such gentle, beautiful animals. It was too dark to take any shots of the fox, so we just sat down together and hung out for a while.

9x DSC_3487HDR1a600

Tracks of a man and a fox.

3x DSC_3585HDR1a7600

5 DSC_3473aN1600

7L DSC_3628HDR1N7Lx600

11 DSC_3600aN600

1 DSC_3640HDR1aN7600

  1. Marie Claude Billet says:

    What a wonderful area !!!!! Such relaxing colours and atmosphere…..Paradise coast ! No wonder the owls take over this territory !!! Not silly !!! I would do the same….. Marvellous pics !!!

  2. Lorraine says:

    Love your photos !

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