02/25/14 Island Beach Snowy Owls

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

It was a good day, I found two Snowy Owls at Island Beach State Park. After shooting about 300 shots of the first snowy owl, I changed the CF card in my camera. Somewhere along the dunes I lost the card, probably while taking out my cell phone.  Posting this information on Facebook, I never thought anything would come of it. By some miracle, two days later someone who read the post actually found the card on top of one of the dunes. As a result, I bring you several shots that were on that CF card.

5x DSC_6664aD3N3x600

9 DSC_6478aV5600

3y DSC_6774a7xy600

5 DSC_6664aD3N3600

7x DSC_6756a3600

Pretty sure he winked at me.

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