07/25/14 Acadia Rocky Coast

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

This was the last morning we spent at Acadia. These were taken along the Loop Road near Thunder Hole.

7x DSC_5729a3600

5x DSC_5869a7N1600

3 DSC_5811HDR1a3600

1z DSC_5549aN7x600

Met this guy later in the afternoon. The last photo of this year at Acadia.

  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Excellent photos, Ray. I’ll bet you were sad leaving Acadia; it is such a beautiful place.

  2. Glenn says:


  3. mdw612 says:

    Nicely done Ray.

    Giving me inspiration for my post surgical rehabilitation outing!!

    Keep up the Great work my friend!

    Michael D. White Photography

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