08/17/14 Convention Hall – Asbury Park

Posted: October 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

An architect, working on the renovation of the Pediatrics Wing at Jersey Shore Hospital, asked me to photograph Convention Hall. These are the images from that early morning in August on the Asbury beach. The first image is now 18 feet long and hangs on the wall in the waiting room at Jersey Shore in the Pediatrics Wing. The second image shows it on the wall. It was pretty awesome to come off the elevator and see my image staring back at me.

1 3z DSC_7351a3VxN51200

1a 1n DSC_9029a7N600

2 17 DSC_6973aV3600

3 21 DSC_7034a1V3D600

4  7 DSC_7422a5N600

6 19 DSC_6999a3600

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