10/28/14 Watkins Glen 2

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Here is the second part of the Watkins Glen trip. These images were taken at Watkins Glen State Park in New York.

1 DSC_0330a1N600

2 DSC_0429a1N600

3 DSC_0651a1VxN7600

4 DSC_0482a1N3600

5 DSC_0276a99xyz600

6 DSC_0355a1Nx600

7 DSC_0464a9x600


9 DSC_0490a7600

  1. Jeanette Hooban says:

    Ray, I just want to jump in. How amazing!
    Jeanette (Carolyn’s friend)

  2. Glenn says:


  3. Candice Terckle says:

    All your photos look like boiling vomit. Lay off the damn HDR filter. There’s a site where we make fun of terrible photographers like you:

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