12/12/14 Snowy Owls return to Island Beach.

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

After weeks of searching for the return of Snowy Owls at Island Beach State Park, I finally found this gorgeous girl.  She was sitting on a tree branch just off one of the designated trails from the parking areas to the ocean on 12/12/14. I have since made several trips back and have also spotted a male. Those photos will follow.

1 1x-Snowy600

7 Ray

Looking for the Snowy



  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Second photo is scary!

  2. Glenn says:

    The ultimate selfie!

  3. Gorgeous, indeed, Ray — such a joy to see, to experience virtually, all your snowy encounters.

    Mine with the snowy of Brigantine was anything but close, but still enormously thrilling.

    I, too, have been spending a great deal of time out there in nature, geared up in various combinations. Some work better than others. But it’s always worth it, isn’t it!

    Thank you for beauty.


  4. Chuck Aitken says:

    Beautiful shot!!!! You certainly put in the time and brave to elements. Can you tell me where you purchased the hat? Looks really warm.

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