01/22/15 Forsythe Snow Geese

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

Every year thousands of Snow Geese make their way from the Arctic tundra to winter at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, NJ. It’s quite a sight, especially when they all take to flight. They mate for life and the pairs choreograph very impressive landings together.

1 DSC_4894a1V600

2 DSC_4765a1x600

3 DSC_4935a3N3600

4 DSC_4598a7600

5 DSC_4653a1600

Great Blue Heron



  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Terrific shots, Ray. I am beginning to think you like the Jersey shore. lol.

  2. Glenn says:

    These are unique and beautiful photos, Ray. It brought memories of teaching about a book A SOLITARY BLUE by Cynthia Voight.

  3. Kathie McDonough says:

    Fantastic photos…. When I eventually move down the shore, would love , love, love it if you gave lessons… or hiking photo lessons! 😀

  4. Ray, how did I miss this one? Love the double snow geese ‘captures’! It’s so difficult to ‘separate’ them, photographically — like trying to ‘capture’ dogwood blossoms in spring. These are masterful.

    Thrilled that your handsome “Judge’s Shack at Island Beach” sold at D&R Greenway’s art reception on Friday. Thank you for being part of that celebration, artistically and personally.

    Best, c

  5. rtyblog says:

    Thanks, Carolyn. Sharon and I had a great time at the show. Loved meeting some of the artists.

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