03/05/15 Last of the Bluebirds

Posted: March 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

I haven’t seen the Eastern Bluebirds for a few days. I’m pretty sure they have moved on. But, it has been an awesome month while they were here. Hopefully, they will make this their winter stopover.

1 1z-DSC_7740a7NVx600

2 1z-DSC_6317a9600

3 1-DSC_7866a1600

4 1-DSC_7263a3N600

5 5-DSC_7798a3V600

6 3-DSC_6553a7xV600

7 9 DSC_7777a5600

8 -DSC_7185a1N600

9 8z-DSC_6550a3600

  1. Glenn says:

    Simply beautiful!

  2. Andrea Potanovic says:

    These are so beautiful.

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