04/21/15 Wind Caves Anzo-Borrego Desert

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

My trek out to San Diego to meet up with my good friend Jack Fusco, headed to the Anzo-Borrego Desert to view the Lyrid meteor shower on Tuesday. I had never been in the desert during the day and now I was spending the entire night there. It’s hard to explain the stillness I experienced. Two and a half hours from San Diego, four miles off road, and one mile up the mountain to reach the Wind Caves. It was an absolutely gorgeous night. Around 2 AM, the Milky Way slowly made it’s appearance over the horizon. We were able to capture several meteors from the Lyrid shower. We shot until daylight and then headed back. A second visit out to the desert was planned for Thursday. Those photos will follow.

1 1a-DSC_0191a3600

2 3-DSC_9668a9600

3 5-DSC_0192a9600

4 3z-DSC_0207x7Dxy600

  1. Joe Gliozzo says:

    awesome shots Ray

  2. marion says:

    Magnificent images, Ray. Maybe you are meant to be in the desert with your camera more often.

  3. Glenn says:


  4. Outstanding!, Ray. Pardon the inevitable puns — ‘cosmic’ , ‘stellar’! Have you seen the DVD Journey of the Universe — in which major physicists discuss the Big Bang theory and insist we are all made of stars… quite enchanting — Mary Evelyn Tucker of Yale created it with superb colleagues. It will bring back your California experiences. There is something of its magic in your scenes — that sense of being alone and yet, never LESS alone, out there, in the dark with the stratosphere.


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