07/10/15 Northern Lights Over JordanPond

Posted: July 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

I was very excited when I received a text alert about possible Northern Lights activity later that evening. The projection was for moderate levels, which can be hit or miss in this area. The plan was to set up at the foot of Jordan Pond in Acadia, which faces directly north, and to shoot continuous all night long. I was set to go at about 9 PM. Around 11 PM, I could see a very slight glow over the horizon. But the LCD on the camera was picking up strong purple colors. The strongest activity lasted about 15 minutes, although a weaker aurora lasted most of the night. Once the clouds rolled in around midnight, I headed to Cadillac Mountain, but the light pollution and cloud cover facing north was too strong. So back to Jordan Pond I went. The clouds cleared and I stayed till around 3 AM. The loon calls were echoing all through the night, which was pretty cool. The star trails were from the last hour at Jordan Pond.

1 3zzZ-DSC_5999a5600

2 4z-JTrailNL600

3 11-DSC_6066a7x600

The clouds rolling in around midnight.

4 2 3zzz-DSC_5816a9xyz700

This was Thunder Hole on a previous night.

5 4 5z-DSC_5830a3700

Moonrise at Thunder Hole.

  1. mdw612 says:

    Outstanding Ray!!!

  2. Rachel says:

    Such beautiful images! I wish our luck was better but it seems every time we are at Acadia it is so foggy! We are currently here, I hope tomorrow night will allow for some night photos! 🙂

  3. marion says:

    How beautiful to be with your camera during the night for the Northern Lights on Jordan Pond, and to be hearing the loons throughout those long hours..

  4. Ken Curtis says:

    Very nice images, Ray. Worth the loss of sleep.

  5. Glenn says:

    Well-done, Ray!

  6. Astounding, Ray — nobody does it like you! I am awash in awe and reverence, for the Forces that create such beauty, and for you, who hold out for it, no matter what! Thank you, profoundly c

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