08/02/15 Loons on Upper Hadlock

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

This was our last visit to see the loons on Upper Hadock Pond in Acadia National Park, Maine. The chick was getting big and doing fine. See you guys next year.

2 3-DSC_7506a5N600

1 1-DSC_7504a1c3600

3 11-DSC_7956a1600

4 17n-DSC_7965a1N600

5 9x-DSC_7741a1cN3600

9 1z-DSC_7588a3c600

We met this guy on our last kayak trip.

  1. O, so, it’s time to leave Eden. Knowing you, Ray, you’ll find Paradises even here and immortalize their inhabitants c

  2. Glenn says:

    Great pictures and captions!

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