09/30/15 The Judge’s Shack

Posted: October 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

I went down to Island Beach State Park to check out the ocean prior to the big storm. If the sky is right, I usually make a stop at the Judge’s Shack. It’s amazing that this shack, which sits on the dunes right at the beach, has survived Sandy and several other hurricanes. It was built in Island Beach around 1911 and was moved to it’s current location in 1952. It’s called the Judge’s Shack because Judge Richard Hartshorne from Newark purchased the property in 1942 for $200. If you want to read the interesting chronological history of the Judge’s Shack click here.

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  1. Joe says:

    Create series of a really cool spot Ray

  2. Eric Paulen says:

    Wow-these rock!

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    Eric Paulen



  3. Glenn says:

    These are outstanding, Ray, among my favorites, that you’ve captured with your lens!

  4. Nature is truly amazing — never the same twice, Ray. Thank you for braving the pre-storm whatevers and bringing us this majesty. c

  5. Anita Fischer says:

    Wonderful photos,Ray…I agree wit Glenn…some of my faces, too!! thanks for sharing and adding some serenity and awe to my day!!!

  6. scottnj61 says:

    As always your beach stuff is great. Nice work.

  7. lynn says:

    I ran across these photos…beautiful! Just curious what you shoot with?

  8. lynncoggin says:

    I ran across your photos…they’re really beautiful! Just curious what you shoot with…I’m in the market for a new camera. Thanks!

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