10/19/15 Island Beach Fox

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

I haven’t photographed the fox in some time. With the cooler weather, there were many on the move. Most of them looked healthy.

1 3-DSC_1798a1P600

2 1z-DSC_1776a5600

3 17L-DSC_1843a1_Lucid600

4 13-DSC_1822a3c600

5 7-DSC_1809a1600

5 15-DSC_1848a1c600

6 9-DSC_1771a1600_Lucid

  1. Thomas Lyons says:

    Great photos Ray!!

  2. Glenn says:

    Great photos, Ray!

  3. Anita Fischer says:

    Love these!! Almost looks like they’re posing for you in some of the shots!!

  4. Amazing, Ray, you’re the King of the Foxes! thank you c

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