01/22/16 Peregrine Falcons

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

I took another trip back up to the cliffs along the Palisades to see the peregrine falcons. Arrived just in time to see one having breakfast at sunrise. I also witnessed the peregrine dive towards a bald eagle who was cruising up the Hudson River minding it’s own business. The eagle turned upside down and the falcon just whizzed by. The falcon just wanted to make sure the eagle kept on going.

1  DSC_0466a3600

1x 7 DSC_0451a5600

2 2 DSC_8566a3600

2x  13 DSC_0537a3600

3 2 21-DSC_9028a3600

4 15 DSC_8894a7600

5 19-DSC_8995a3600



  1. mdw612 says:

    Outstanding Ray!! timing and location is everything!

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