03/21/16 Great Horned Owls in NJ

Posted: April 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

A compilation of several days at a Great Horned Owl’s nest in northern New Jersey. At the time of the last photo, two owlets had already fledged and one was left in the nest. It was so much fun to watch them get bigger each visit. The two adults were always near by. One afternoon a red tailed hawk came close to grabbing an owlet, until the “mom” came out of nowhere to chase the hawk on it’s way. I have since been to a third great horned owl nest, those photos will follow.

101 5-DSC_5986a5600

Adults would bring food to the nest.

102 1-DSC_5995a7600

103 1-DSC_6531a1c2N600

104 3n-DSC_7221a1cN600

This guy was almost grabbed by a red-tailed hawk.

105 3z-DSC_5994a5600

106 1-DSC_7198a1c600

107 3-DSC_6773a1c600

Adult male keeping an eye on the nest.

108 7n-DSC_7147a1cN600

This was the last one to leave the nest.

109 7-DSC_5708a3600

This mute swan was constantly chasing the Canada Goose away.

110 9-DSC_6317a1c600


  1. Glenn says:

    Amazing photos, Ray!

  2. You have become the Owl Master, Ray, not content with being the King of the Foxes! Amazing – the owl scenes like tapestries!

    love angry swan astounding and even rushed goose

    think you should send this entire blog to the head of Cornell Ornithology Lab, right now, Ray!

    thank you for you, your art and your spirit c

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