04/29/16 Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

This Spring, I made several visits to the Bombay Hook Wildlife Refuge in Delaware. It was the first year I visited this wonderful place. I have so many photos I want to share, so I will split them into several posts. I’ll start with two red fox dens that I so enjoyed observing. The first kits were getting big and went into the woods after two visits. The second den had younger kits and were still around at my last visit. Much more from Bombay to follow.

1 3zZ-DSC_0347a1c1050

2 7n-DSC_2687a1cN1500

3 1z-DSC_9869a1c2N1050

4 3z-DSC_9887a1x1050

5 11-DSC_2932a11500

6 9-DSC_2888a11500

7 19-DSC_3000a1c1500

8 13-DSC_2936a11500

9 9-DSC_0795a1c600



  1. Tom says:

    Nice job Ray !! (y)

  2. Ken Curtis says:

    Terrific photos, Ray.

  3. Glenn says:

    Great photos!

  4. anita says:

    great photos!!! a bit of nature to calm the soul…thanks!!

  5. Ray, thank you for taking us with you into Fox Central! I love the upside-down one. How they trust you, young and parents. Appreciatively, Carolyn

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