08/12/16 Acadia Night Skies

Posted: February 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

The night skies up in Acadia National Park in Maine are pretty amazing. These are several shots taken during August and September, starting with the Perseid meteor shower in August.


Perseid meteor over Jordan Pond


Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse


Otter Cliffs


Thunder Hole


Eagle Lake


Sand Beach





  1. Ray, these are almost beyond belief — except that I am very aware that you are the Master of Night Skies, as well as of certain amazing birds, especially owls. These, and others at other sites with your photographer friend – Island Beach and somewhere out west, MUST BE A BOOK! Nobody ‘does it like Ray!” Thank you for reminding me of stars on a night that may hold a full moon – and we’ve surely had a dearth of skies AND stars in New Jersey in recent months! They must be there -Ray has found them! c

  2. Pete Y says:

    Beautiful shots – really love your work. Makes me want to head somewhere north/west of NJ for some dark skies!

  3. I have never tried night photography, but always admire yours. Amazing!

  4. Glenn says:

    Outstanding photography, Ray!!

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