06/24/17 Acadia at Night

Posted: July 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

My friend and photographer, Harry Collins, came up to Mount Desert Island for a week. This gave me the incentive to get out and shoot the stars. The moon was dark and the skies were clear for several nights. The two of us spent many hours chasing the Milky Way around Acadia National Park. We had a great week including a trip to Machias Seal Island to photograph the puffins. Those photos will follow in the next post.


Sand Beach

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Otter Cliffs


Jordan Pond

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Boulder Beach


Thunder Hole


Sand Beach




  1. Thomas says:

    Outstanding Night images !!!

  2. “Paradise enow…” Ray, you have outdone yourself! Chasing the Milky Way — what a glorious quest! I just knew, if I kept working on my River Line Photographs enough tonight, I might be rewarded with Ray’s latest discoveries! By the way, Tasha has ordered an inflatable kayak, that she can manage without Alan. I wish you three would now kayak together somewhere important to all of you… Blessings and gratitudes, c

  3. Ken Curtis says:

    Terrific shots, Ray. Your photography is really outstanding. I am envious.

  4. Sounds like a great adventure. All of your shots are super! Funny, my daughter just went to Zion and send sent me a few of her Milky Way shots to edit. Such fun to see hers and yours at the same time from different coasts! We are still locked out of the Park in my neck of the woods. So crazy! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images.

  5. Glenn says:

    Love these photos, Ray, better than fireworks! Happy 4th, my friend!

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