07/19/17 Common Loon Nest

Posted: August 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

This pair of Common Loons have touched my heart. I have followed them since July 1st. They abandoned their original nest after two weeks, probably the result of the resident mink. About two weeks later, the pair returned and proceeded to build a second nest in the same area. The hatching period is 26-28 days. On day 25, while the sitting loon was off the nest for a short period, the mink climbed into the nest. I was there to witness this as it happened. Eventually the mink was chased off. A week later, the mink was able to steal one of the eggs. The remaining egg proved not to be viable, probably due to all the trauma. The loons, who share time on the nest, continued to sit on the single egg an additional 10 days. At that point they both abandoned the nest. Hopefully they will return and nest here again next spring.

101 1-DSC_4476a1cmLD1100

First Nest

102 1-DSC_6514a1cmL51100

Second Nest

103 1-DSC_9603a1960


105 1z-DSC_6344a1c960

Two Eggs

106 3-DSC_8694a1c31100

Mink in Nest

107 5-DSC_8700a1c1mc3960

108 9-DSC_8788a1m1100

Finally gave up.

109 1i-DSC_0670a1mD1100

On the single egg.

110 3z-DSC_4721a1cmX1100

111 7z-DSC_9761a1cmD1500

112 7-DSC_8437a1m1500

Surrounded by flowers.

113 5-DSC_8415a1cmDx31500

114 9-DSC_6361a1cmLDN1100

115 5-DSC_9709a1cmD1500


One of my vantage points, this is a public swimming beach.

117 7-DSC_0725a1cmD960

Mergansers seek safety on land from the attacking loon.

118 9-101-IMG_5694a1960

Abandoned Nest

119 7-DSC_4728a1cMD1100


  1. Glenn says:

    Fascinating photos! We

  2. Nancy Gourlie says:

    Oh Ray this is so beautiful and sad at the same time. Each has to survive, but……

  3. Ken Curtis says:

    What a phenomenal posting, Ray. The photos and your words tell the harsh story of nature. You images are outstanding. This was one of your best posts. I truly enjoyed reading it.

  4. So sorry for the way it all played out Ray. I know you look forward to a successful nest. Thanks for the story and photos of how it all unfolded.

  5. Marlene says:

    Congrats to the loons for their valiant efforts and to you for a beautiful documentation of their story! Hopefully the next chapter (next year) will have a happier ending – photos could not be any more compelling, however…

  6. gr says:

    Beautiful pictures & colors. Such clarity! But a sad ending. 😦

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