10/19/17 Chasing Aurora

Posted: October 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

There were a few pretty sweet Auroras in Acadia this past season. But, it seems I was always about 30 minutes late or the clouds rolled in. I have an Aurora alert on my iPhone, but for the big one on October 13th, my phone was on silent. Once I saw the alert, I hurried to my spot at Jordan Pond, but only caught a little of the tail end. Some of my friends took some incredible photos that night. Oh well, 2018 is another year. My feeble attempts are below.

701 17zzZX-DSC_8487a1LLDx960

Tail End



Behind the Clouds

704 5z-DSC_6588a1L960




Over my Condo


  1. Glenn says:

    Outstanding photography, Ray!

  2. You did a great job in my opinion. You are fortunate to have seen what you saw!

  3. There is nothing feeble about your art, Ray! Thank you for miracles, c

  4. Marion says:

    You are such a humble, beautiful person with such a wonderful love for the environment and God’s animals and birds. Your work is beautiful, and I love the beautiful aurora you caught because of its smaller size and drama. Goodness, you do the best work out there of anyone I know in photography. Your work belongs in fine books and galleries. I know how much pride you take in your work as you process and print, matte and frame yourself (I do my own printing, too, am better at that than shooting). So few do today. What you have to show for this past month is very fine, as you yourself are a very fine man. God Bless….and continue to make our world a better place by your sharing and love of what you do so well. I sometimes share your bird photography with my sister, an artist and Audubon volunteer (retired past summer) in Kensington MD…as she loves identifying birds and doing all kinds of outdoor cleanups in Rock Creek Park in the DC area. She’s into bugs too (I am not). Just monarch butterflies.

  5. These are fantastic! I love your ‘Tail End’ image … not feeble at all!

  6. great nightshots 🙂

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