10/31/17 Island Beach

Posted: December 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

Just some random shots from Island Beach State Park at the Jersey Shore. The Sanderlings are always fun to photograph. Snowy Owls have made a return to New Jersey, stay tuned for future posts.

501 1-DSC_4223a1cmL960

Sanderlings, just before a wave breaks.

502 1-DSC_3863a1DLA700

Great Egret

503 5-DSC_4323a1Lc1AC3x960

Sanderling Ballet

504 3i-DSC_4025a1c3D700

Snowy Egrets

506 13-DSC_4248a1c3LD1500



Great Egret

507 5-DSC_3943a1c960

Bald Eagle stopped by.


  1. Susan Matulewicz says:

    beautiful photos – is that cloud cover in the background in the first photo? There was a report on the news that bald eagles are making a strong comeback in NJ – and their worst enemy is themselves. Like the article I sent you.


  2. Wondrous, Ray. Delight in the ‘ballet’. Puzzled by egrets with black beaks and black feet – Snowy Egrets have “Golden slippers” and I’m too weary from saving the planet today to go look up other egrets — cattle? Egrets shouldn’t still be here in Deceomber, let alone osprey. Amazing experiences continue to present themselves to you. Blessings and gratitudes, c

  3. Glenn says:

    Magnificent photography and presentation, Ray! Merry Christmas!

  4. Michelle Kelly says:

    Wonderful to see those east coast beach photos, with all that sunshine. Lifts the spirit right up. The birds before the crashing wave…amazing.

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