01/07/18 Frozen Barnegat Bay

Posted: February 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

We had some cold days in January at the Jersey Shore. I always love photographing the Barnegat Bay when it is frozen, especially after a snowfall. Here are several photos taken over the past winter.

100 101 1-DSC_2526a3LDx1100

101 1-DSC_2866a1L3D1100

Seaside Park Yacht Club

102 7-DSC_2472a1L31100

104 3-DSC_3297a1LDxL31100

Island Beach State Park

105 5-DSC_2580a1L1100

106 11-DSC_2900a1LD1100

107 9L-DSC_2566a1clD-11100

108 1-DSC_3357a1LD1100

103 101-IMG_8050a1cL31100

The Estuary out back behind our townhouse.

  1. RBW Photo says:

    great landscape photos 🙂

  2. Oh, Ray, I salute you! You always achieve, but I never put it fully together until this post, my goal for NJWILDBEAUTY, to prove to the world that our state holds memorable and significant beauty. You are a one-man campaign against the “What-Exit?” mentality! Thank you more than ever. c

  3. Glenn says:

    Awesome photos!

  4. Mary Hibberd says:

    Ray, each one is more stunning than the next! You are my idol!

  5. Ken Curtis says:

    Well done, Ray. I truly enjoyed viewing your images.

  6. Sheila Dean says:

    Beautiful, as always.

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