04/27/18 Local Ospreys/Eagles

Posted: May 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

This is a busy time of year for the local ospreys and bald eagles. Here are some photos of a few at the Jersey Shore. The eagles have only one eaglet this year. The ospreys are working on their nests.

100 3z-DSC_1313a1mLDx31100

101 1x-DSC_1473a1mLD960

102 9-DSC_1218a1mLDXc2960

103 5z-DSC_2332a1mLD1500

104 11z-DSC_1722a1mLc31100

105 9z-DSC_2380a1mld1500

106 1-DSC_2569a1c2mD1500

107 5z-DSC_1839amLD1500

Great Egret


  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Terrific photos, Ray. Great capture of the eaglet.

  2. Thomas from Bayonne says:

    Very nice Ray !!

  3. Glenn says:

    Great photography, Ray!

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