08/10/18 Common Loons 2

Posted: September 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

I’m posting the second group of Common Loon shots. This pair has been confronting visiting loons all summer. The nesting pair are extremely territorial and will not put up with any visiting loons on their lake. There have been many standoffs and underwater battles. It seems the female does most of the reconnoissance missions to the north end of the lake and the male has been staying with the chicks. So far the resident pair have convinced all the visitors to move on. At the time of this post, the chicks are eleven weeks old and doing well.

501 205 11-D4S_7524a1mLD1500

502 215 17-D4S_7858a1c2960

Crayfish on the menu.

503 237 11z-D4S_1261a1mL1100

504 233 1-D4S_1060a1mLD1500

505 232 23z-D4S_1021a1mLD1500

506 210 21-D4S_7747a1mLD960

Adult female on a recon mission.

507 219 1-D4S_7987a1mL31500

508 228 11-D4S_9403a1m1100

509 206 1z-D4S_7560a1mLD1500

510 239 17-D4S_1359a1960

Female returns.

511 236 7-D4S_1204a1mLD960

512 220 7-D4S_8109a1mLiD1100

513 207 23z-D4S_7656a1mLD960

Dad on right, has a standoff with a visitor.



  1. marion Z costa -- photographer says:

    Am sure your work must be enjoyed by AUDUBON, but you really need to start publishing your own books. You do such beautiful work and never stop trying to push for even more, as you obviously love what you do.

  2. We are very blessed, Ray, to be allowed this intimacy with the elusive, irresistible loons of Maine! c

  3. Thomas from Bayonne says:

    Beautiful images. Love looking at all of your work.

  4. Truly enjoyed watching this pair through your lens this year Ray. Excellent photos and stories. Thank you! Angela

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