09/20/19 Common Loons “Part 1”

Posted: September 20, 2019 in Uncategorized

If you have been following me for a whle, you know I have a special place in my heart for Common Loons. So far, it has been a great season for the nesting loons on Mount Desert Island in Maine. Last year, three made it to fledge, which is about the average over the last ten years. This year eleven eggs hatched and eight chicks are still going strong. The first chicks were hatched on June 14th and the youngest hatched on August 2nd. Normally it takes about twelve weeks for the chicks to fledge and be on their own. The first chick has fledged and hopefully the rest will follow. I have been out in my kayak following four pairs for the last few months. I have so many photos I want to share, so I’ll break it down into two posts. Here is “Part 1” of my loon photos.

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9 1284 D4S_7827a1T

10 1282 D4S_7666a1c1T

11 1286 D4S_6995a1TL

12 1211 D4S_4398a1c1mLT3

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  1. Thomas from Bayonne says:

    Beautiful images, Ray !

  2. Oh, Ray, I just want the entire world to see these! Cannot you create a book on the most uncommon ‘common’ loons of Maine? Do you send these to editors at Orion, Living Bird, even National Geographic? These are not only superb pictures of loons, but superb pictures, period — of any species. Unique, over and over. I send these on to relatives and friends, but that’s but a ‘soupcon’ of the audience that needs to know your artistry! your forever fan, Carolyn

  3. Susan Matulewicz says:

    These are great. Love the loon “taking off” and the parent and chick head on shot. Glad its been a good season. Good news.


  4. The photos are amazing Ray. I have enjoyed following your Loons every season. They did GREAT this year! I know how you feel about their survival because I monitor the Piping Plover every spring and summer. Their fight for survival becomes a part of you. If I was in Maine I would be doing the same thing. Thanks so much for sharing. Angela

  5. Anita Fischer says:

    Amazing and beautiful…your patience shines through on these, Ray,….you captured some awesome photos!!

  6. Diane Beeny says:

    Thank you, Ray, for your devotion to these loons and ALL of your wonderful photos!!!
    It’s been SO great to share in watching these young loons grow, flourish and prosper.
    And thanks SO much for this overview.
    I’ve come to appreciate and love loons SO much!!!
    SOME of my happiest moments have been spent kayaking and canoeing among the loons at Hammond Pond in New Hampshire.
    I could watch them forever.
    Your pictures help with the “”withdrawal symptoms” since I’ve been back in NJ!!

  7. Robin says:

    I love following your loon stories and your wonderful pictures. Watching the loons has become a favorite part of my annual trip to MDI. I don’t get to visit until later in the season so I look forward to your early reports on the new chicks as they hatch. I have even been able to watch you in your kayak. I think the loons consider you part of the family. It seems they even pose for you. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put in to sharing the loons.

  8. Michelle says:

    These photos are extra special, so intimate. Thanks for sharing your love of loons with us.

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