06/05/19 Eagles and Ospreys

Posted: July 11, 2019 in Uncategorized

Each year during late May and June the alewives (river herring) make their annual run through parts of Maine to their spawning areas. This occurance draws the local eagles and ospreys to their favorite fishing locations along the way. The alewives run creates a wonderful opportunity for wildlife photographers. This may be my favorite time of the year and I spend day after day with friends at a local spot photographing the eagles and ospreys diving in the pond and streams.

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Seals join in







  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Great shots, Ray. You’re lucky to be able to spend so much time in Maine.

  2. Thomas from Bayonne says:

    Fantastic images Ray…

  3. Susan Matulewicz says:

    What’s going on??? The loons have to share your time??? That little white seal is so cute. I like the eagle photo with his reflection in the water.

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