03/28/14 Island Beach – Snowy Owls & Osprey

Posted: April 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

Snowy Owls, ospreys, and a raccoon … that’s a pretty good day. The ospreys have returned and were busy with their nest. One stopped to have dinner (a flounder) and gave me the opportunity to take an image away from the nest. While I was shooting the osprey, the raccoon just strolled in front of the camera. A couple of snowy owls are still around at the southern end of Island Beach. They should be heading back to the arctic any day.

15 DSC_8672a5DR600

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11s DSC_8508aD3Nx5600

7 DSC_8583aN600

7x DSC_8362aD600

3x DSC_8360aD5N3600

5 DSC_8582aD3600

9x DSC_8660a3600

  1. Ken Henriques jr. says:

    Love the pics of the Ospreys

  2. Sharon and Glenn says:

    The Stare, The Flight, The Beauty, The Hunt, The Takeoff, The Mystique, The Desolation and The Majesty of the Snowy Owls, Ospreys and Raccoon!

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