03/31/14 Island Beach – Fox & Snowy Owl

Posted: April 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

The Snowy Owl was definitely on the hunt this night. He was on the move and I couldn’t catch up with him. The one shot is from an extreme distance and into the sun. A few seconds after the shot, he was gone over the dunes towards the bay. But, I always seem to run into the fox. This one came off the dunes and took a stroll down the beach. He also was moving too fast for me to get a decent shot. It’s always cool to see a fox on the beach. Many times they will try to steal the fisherman’s catch or his bait.

3x DSC_8708aD5x600

5x DSC_8706aVN700

1x DSC_8751aD5600

7 DSC_8710a3600

9x DSC_8742aN3600




  1. Ken Henriques jr. says:

    Never knew the fox ventured down by the water.

  2. Sharon and Glenn says:

    The Hunt caught on camera!

  3. marion costa says:

    I’d expect to see a fox in the snow in Yellowstone, not in the sand by the ocean ( eating fish) in NJ.

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