06/30/14 Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse

Posted: July 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

I went to Bass Lighthouse on Night 2 in Acadia National Park, Maine. The sky was getting light and the Milky Way was already fading by 3 AM due to the early sun rise.

21 11 DSC_3633a3600

Iridium flare from a satellite

22 1 DSC_3682a15D600

NJ friend Michael Ciuraru shoots the Milky Way


23 7x BassTrailN76005

Star Trails over 60 minutes

24 13 DSC_3702a7V600

Last shot of the night – Seawall Campground

25 DSC_3418a5600

This was the previous night

  1. Glenn Rome says:

    Awesome photos!

  2. mdw612 says:

    Outstanding!!! Nicely done!!! Such inspiration

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