07/05/14 Thunder Hole / Cadillac Mountain / Otter Cliffs

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

This is the start of week 2 at Acadia National Park in Maine. While attempting a star trail on Otter Cliffs, a couple came walking out of the dark. After a short conversation, they agreed to be part of some photographs. I found out weeks later, they were from New Jersey. The sunsets were taken on Cadillac Mountain. At Thunder Hole, there is usually one guy who has to climb the rocks or take photos precariously near the crashing surf. That day was no exception.

1 Thunder600

Thunder Hole

2 DSC_4060HDR1a600

Cadillac Mountain

3 DSC_4261a7D600

Cadillac Mountain

4 DSC_4367aDxC9FinalxX600

Otter Cliffs

5 DSC_4365aDxx3Final600

Otter Cliffs

  1. Nancy Gourlie says:

    Once again wonderful pictures Ray….you have indeed captured the beauty of MDI

  2. Glenn Rome says:

    Love these shots, Ray! These reminded me of the view from the Rock “back in the day”!

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