07/10/14 Acadia Coastline

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

Exploring the rocky coastline just off the Loop Road. That’s Otter Cliffs in the distance.

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2 DSC_4649a3600

3 DSC_4684HDR1a3600

4 DSC_4627aN7xN600

5 DSC_4680HDR1a3600

  1. Marion Z Costa says:

    Your work is always a JOY to see. Thank you. Getting back to my Sandy Collection, must have at least 100 images in it now I processed/printed myself at the BCC Labs (campus). Would love to show them again in the Fall, but I’m not good at selling my work or me.
    They would be a wonderful anniversary exhibit in a public place, but the only places I can think of are already booked, but ideally my first choice would be the Monmouth Museum small entry gallery they used for Emerging Artists and special exhibits, (I did mega volunteering for them in the 1970s as Secial Projects Chair & Special Exhibitions Chair, and Major Benefit Chair. ) Of course the people I knew there then, have long been gone. Other possiblitities might be the Middletown Library (but their white fluorescent lighting/gray walls/carpeting, kill COLOR. Any suggestions?

    How did your Rockland exhibit go last summer a year ago? Did you sell much? From what you shared, it looked very special. You do exquisite work. I should have you teach me P/Shop skills as there are many things I don’t know how to do inasmuch as I process all my jpegs thru the Raw Converter first, and then finish w/Photoshop.

    I’m hoping your snowy owls get published and also become an exhibit as they were such a beautiful surprise last winter to this area, outside the Arctic Circle. All best regards.

  2. Marion Z Costa says:

    PS–Sadly I haven’t done any processing/printing in 4 months now as I have no more access to BCC Labs. I have Windows 7 here and PShop CS6 PC, but don’t know how to use it on Windows on my Dell desktop. I use the Apples/Mac’s at BCC, new big huge screens, and their Epson 2000 printers.

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