10/06/14 Judge’s Shack / Island Beach

Posted: November 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

I wanted to shoot the stars over the Judge’s Shack at Island Beach State Park. The moon was very bright and made it difficult to bring out the stars. It was still a beautiful night. A visit from a fox walking out of the darkness is always exciting. The International Space Station also passed over, which is always cool to see.

1z DSC_9179a9x600

11 DSC_9134a3600


9 DSC_9202a3600

5z DSC_9092a1600

7z Trail3600

The International Space Station passed over.



  1. Glenn says:

    Captivating photography! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ray, I am speechless — this is the way I imagined Island Beach would look at night — what I see here is wizardry



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