11/09/14 Snowy Owls Return

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Last winter was the first incursion of Snowy Owls in New Jersey in about eighty years. No one knew if it would be a one time occurrence or if they would return. Well, during the first week of November this guy showed up at the Forsythe Wildlife Refuse – Holgate Unit on Long Beach Island. After a two mile walk down the beach, I ran into the Snowy. What an exciting moment to see this magnificent creature on the Jersey Shore after his long journey from the Arctic. Since that day at least two more have arrived at Island Beach State Park and another at the main Forsythe location in Galloway Township. Photos from Island Beach will follow.

1 1z-DSC_1690X5600

2 5z-DSC_1435aV7600

3 13z-DSC_1804a7N600

4 5 Snowy600

5 9z-DSC_1664a3V5N3D600

6 7z-DSC_1552a3N600

7 1-DSC_0799a1600

A juvenile bald eagle flew over at this moment.


8 7z-DSC_1883a5Nxy600

A peregrine falcon was hanging out.


9 3z-DSC_1770a3VN3600

A cooper’s hawk flew over also.



  1. Ken Curtis says:

    It’s good news that the snowies are back. Great photos, Ray.

  2. Jeanette says:

    What bounty of beauty!

  3. Unsurpassed images, Ray! Thank you for this visual feast.


  4. Welcome back, and to your images, as well.

  5. Glenn says:

    Awesome photos!

  6. steve yeager says:

    You are still able to walk the 2 miles? I thought you finally got your jeep.

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