11/11/14 Island Beach

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Still trying to catch up on these posts, I’m getting there. Forgive me for blasting you with all these posts. The pain will be over soon. Here are some shots from Island Beach. As you probably noticed, I spend a lot of time down there. I’m only about twenty minutes away, its one of my favorite places. Wildlife, the bay, and the ocean all in one area.

1 1-DSC_2062a1600

2 16-DSC_1920a1600

3 15-DSC_2067a7600


5 7-DSC_1982a1N600


4 5-DSC_2004a3Nx600

6 11-DSC_1953a1NxX600


  1. Glenn says:

    Great photos, Ray!

  2. Ken Curtis says:

    Thank goodness the pain will end soon. You’re hurting me, Ray! Just kidding of course. Always love to see your images. These are outstanding. Keep the pain coming!

  3. Ray, please no more self-abnegation! We are privileged to see YOUR Island Beach.

    It’s everything I know and love, and far beyond.

    You have time and patience to record her in all her beauty, majesty, mystery and wildlife. Please, give us more of Island Beach.

    I have a huge favor to ask you.

    Would you include some phrases in each of your blog, the same each time is fine, in your words, to the effect:

    Save whatever land of New Jersey that you can.

    Be vigilant to protect whatever preserves are currently being threatned, — whether by oil or development or clearcutting or ports off-shore or windmills off-shore or solar panels off-shore, let alone by carelessness and heedlessness and turning away as the greedy strive to appropriate every wild inch of our state.

    Those are my words. Use yours. Talk about the creatures who matter so very much to you, to me, and to each other, and to the ecosystem, and the future, to children yet unborn.

    Without habitat, no wild creatures.

    Without preserves, you and I don’t get to spend sacred days with the wild ones, photographing them, writing of them, but above all, being with them.


    Thank you.


  4. Chuck Aitken says:

    Keep them coming. I love your work. We seem to have the same love and passion for the Jersey shore. Just wish I had you talent 🙂

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