02/16/15 Red-tailed Hawk at Forsythe

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

I took a ride down to Edwin B Forsythe Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville with my friend and photographer, Joe Gliozzo. On the way out we spotted this juvenile red-tailed hawk flying back and forth between it’s prey and the tree branch. This was the largest hawk I have ever photographed.

1 1a-DSC_6114a9xy600

2 3-DSC_6074a5600

3 5a-DSC_6186a7Nx600

4 11z-DSC_6089a3600

  1. marion says:

    That is exactly the same hawk I saw twice at Sandy Hook past week, and yes, when it flies, it has a huge gigantic wing spread. Biggest I ever saw too, and I have seen many in Appalachians in the Delaware River area and at Poricy Park, Middletown. Many smaller hawks nest there.

  2. Stunning, Ray — what majesty for an immature! thank you


  3. Glenn says:

    Awesome photos!

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