02/17/15 Looking for Snowy Owls

Posted: March 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

The weather has been pretty brutal lately. Usually look like this while chasing Snowy Owls. No wonder she hides from me.

1 99-Ray1600

2 99-Ray-600

4 99-Ray5600

  1. I wonder if all your fans realize, as those of us who’ve braved Island Beach in winter or in Nor’easters, do — what sacrifices you make for your art, Ray. No one comes near you in results.

    Carolyn Edelmann, NJWILDBEAUTY Nature Blog

  2. Nancy Gourlie says:

    Great pictures Ray! Who took these? Any sign of the Owls lately?

  3. Glenn says:

    Looking good, Yeag!

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