03/20/15 They’re Back

Posted: March 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Every time I think the Eastern Bluebirds have left, they return. These were taken on Day 40.

1 1 DSC_8359a3D600


3 2 1z-DSC_8550a7D600

4 5-DSC_8445a3D600

5 5-DSC_8511a5600

6 7-DSC_8259a1600

Yellow-rumped Warbler

7 7 DSC_8359a3Dc91100

8 DSC_7617a1V600

9 DSC_8596a3600


10 DSC_8637a7600

  1. Spectacular, Ray — I had NO IDEA bluebirds have all this personality. I hope you’re setting up those nest boxes! Smiles c

  2. O, Ray, Deb (my office mate who also treasures your work) will be thrilled to know you’ve arranged bird houses for your blue visitors.

    Looking at the images, especially as the photos, which i alternate here, I suddenly recognize Japanese elements in scenes that hold more than one bluebird. Does this ring any bells?

    Thank you for avian miracles, Ray! c

  3. Glenn says:


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