03/29/15 Scouting Cape May

Posted: April 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

I spent two days in Cape May with my good friend and awesome photographer, Marco Crupi. He was scouting locations for his upcoming photography workshop. The bright moon and some clouds made it tough to shoot the stars on Sunday night. Sunrise on Monday was overcast and raining, but we did get a short window with some color. Always a good time shooting with Marco. Here is the link for information on his one day workshop at Cape May on April 18th.

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3 5z-DSC_8824a1c3600

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6 3-DSC_8744a3600

  1. Glenn says:

    Love these photos, Ray!

  2. Mary Hibberd says:

    Ray, these are amazing photos! Love the way the water looks going over the pilings in the top photo. Also love the way the second and third photos draw you right into them with the zig-zag lines.

  3. Ken Curtis says:

    Really nice images, Ray. It was worth your going to Cape May in the bad weather.

  4. Ray, absolutely overwhelming. With all my Cape May hours, day and night, winter and summer, I have never seen it as you do.

    Have you sent them to Cape May Bird Observatory and asked about a one-man show somewhere – maybe the Congress Hotel, with some part of the proceeds going to them? Someone did this for us at a church her lately, and she sold 12 costly and beautiful works… I don’t know if their Goshen office is open in summer – one would think it would be. It seemed to have room for exhibits when last I was there.

    Thank you for the majesty you discover and share.


  5. rtyblog says:

    Thanks, Carolyn.

  6. Anita Fischer says:

    Absolutely awesome Cape May photos…thanks for the serenity you just added to the beginning of my week!

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