04/16/15 Brick Bald Eagles

Posted: April 17, 2015 in Uncategorized

Some shots of the bald eagles that nest on the cell tower in Brick Township a few blocks from my home. Always pretty cool to look up as I drive by and see them perched on the railing. Sometimes they make a low pass over the car, which is exciting. Guess it’s not the prettiest place, but it’s quite convenient for the pair. When I first arrived, the female dropped from the tower to check me out. She circled a few times and flew back up to the tower.

1 15-DSC_9342a5600

2 1-DSC_9330a1D600

3 11-DSC_9303a3600

4 7-DSC_9302a7600

5 13-DSC_9331a1600

  1. Ruth says:

    Where in Brick is his tower. I use to live on Princeton ave. I love your pictures. Thank you for sharing. Ruth

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  2. Ray, simply spectacular. Your eagles help me remember why I do what I do — to save habitat through D&R Greenway. It was only the 1970’s when we were down to one nest, and that unproductive, at Bear Swamp near the Delaware Bay. What miracle that you can take regular ‘swings’ by ‘your’ eagles, as I can by Princeton’s. A lot of hard work, vision, persistence, courage, and political action went into these image. And your artistry captures it for all. Thank you


  3. Glenn says:

    Majestic and Beautiful photos, Ray!

  4. Ken Curtis says:

    Wonderful images, Ray. Enjoyed viewing them.

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