04/21/15 San Diego 1

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

I headed out to San Diego to visit my good friend and awesome photographer, Jack Fusco. This was the first night at North Beach. The moon and Venus were rising together. We went on some pretty exciting adventures over the next week. Stay tuned for those images.





  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Wonderful images, Ray. Can’t wait to see the others.

  2. Joe Gliozzo says:

    Cool stuff pal. Can’t wait for Acadia

  3. rtyblog says:

    Yes, you will love it.

  4. Andrea Potanovic says:

    I’m headed to San Diego in two weeks. I’ll have to visit this beach. It looks beautiful. Great shots!

  5. As always, outstanding images. So glad you made it to Pacific Coast to visit your good friend and fellow photographer now living there, and hope it was a vacation for both you and your lovely wife.

  6. Glenn says:

    Great shots, Ray!

  7. Ray, I think you and Jack crossed over into Paradise on that journey. We are all very grateful that you returned! Simply spectacular — I have NEVER seen images like this in a lifetime of studying photographers’ works, starting with my father’s Stereo Realist Club’s monthly arrivals when I was a teen-ager! And they were stunning… first cameramen to use 3-d for non-military purposes… c

  8. Joan Fericy says:

    Thanks for visiting. I live here alllll the time, and I appreciate this wonderful nature every day, so I’m so glad you could be here for a while. I think the “Cove” in La Jolla is such an inspiring place.
    And last evening as I saw your sunset picture, I took one of my own from my porch. Thanks for being here and sharing it with our East Coast friends!

  9. Anita Fischer says:

    Absolutely beautiful…just ehat I needed to mellow out after a hectic day! Thanks do much for sharing!

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