05/22/15 Osprey and Friends at Island Beach

Posted: May 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

The male Osprey was very busy out at Spizzle Creek on Friday. The male made several trips to bring sticks back to the nest. Each time he returned, he spent several minutes tucking it in and re-arranging it to get it just perfect … then the female moved it. This was amusing to watch over and over again. The egrets also put on quite a show.

1 1z-DSC_2346a7600

2 7n-DSC_2373a5N600

3 15-DSC_2343a3N600

4 3-DSC_2567a1N600

5 5-DSC_2416a1N600


6 11-DSC_2494a3600

7 13-DSC_2320a3N600

8 9-DSC_2542a1600

9 8 6 5 3-DSC_1987a1N600


  1. Ken Curtis says:

    Very well done, Ray.

  2. Joe says:

    Sweet Ray

  3. O!, the egrets are dancing and that is the best shot of a willet in flight! They’ve been scarce on my birding jaunts so far, so thrilled to see him/her, Ray! Thank you for taking us with you on all your excursions! best always c

  4. Glenn says:

    Birds in flight and at rest! Beautiful, Ray!

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