06/03/15 Bluebirds Cattus Island

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

I may have found where some of my bluebirds went. This is a nest at Cattus Island in Toms River, NJ, just across the Silver Bay from my townhouse. I had hoped to catch the little ones fledging, but the second time I returned they were gone.


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3 11z-DSC_3151a3N600

9 DSC_2989a5b600

Near by Osprey

6 7z-DSC_3045a7x600

4 3-DSC_3055a7600

7 5zz-DSC_3479a3N600

Crab Dinner


9 1z-DSC_3490a3600



  1. Thanks for these bright heralds, Ray, and for taking us to a new place. I’ve heard of Cattus for years but not been there. How wonderful that the young have fledged already. I wonder if the parents nest twice a season. I had the most glorious towhee in the Pole Farm early today — like an illustration from a magazine, and so near. Ditto, wood thrush. Neither singing. Most walks at PF now are birding by ear, far more than by eye or lens. Still a joy. Best to you. c

  2. Glenn says:

    Great photography!

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