01/11/16 Peregrine Falcons

Posted: January 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

High above the Hudson River on the cliffs along the Palisades, lives a pair of Peregrine Falcons. Thanks to a heads up from friend and photographer, Joe Gilozzo, I took a ride and hoped to find the falcons. After scanning the cliffs, there they were in all their glory sitting on a perch several hundred feet above the Hudson River. It was quite a thrill for me to see these beautiful birds close up through my telephoto lens. I spent several hours watching them, but eventually the cold and wind forced me to call it a day. It was a pretty exciting day for this photographer.

1 3 DSC_9197a3s600x

2 1 DSC_9212a5600x

3 11 DSC_8922a3s600

4 1 DSC_0138a3600

5 7 DSC_8785a3s600

6 7 DSC_0112a3600

7 13z DSC_8989a5600

8 5 DSC_8911a3s600

9 9 DSC_0038a3600

10 11 3zZ DSC_0190HDR3600

The Cliffs of the Palisades

  1. shiela fuller says:

    You caught some beautiful shots!

  2. Simply stunning, Ray — leave it to you to find them in personality mode as well as the usual formidable aura we love and honor — and then to give us the setting — that picture alone is a masterpiece! thrilled c

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