1/15/16 Foxes on the Beach

Posted: January 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

The last several times I looked for Snowy Owls the foxes have joined me on the walk down the beach. It’s always a pleasure.

1 1c DSC_9391a5600

2 13z DSC_9624a5x600

3 3 DSC_0234a5600

4 5 DSC_0213a3x600

5 5 DSC_9763a1600

6 1 DSC_0225a1c600

7 17 DSC_9490a1600

8 9 DSC_9818a3600

9 11 DSC_9860a1x600

10 15 DSC_9316a1600

11 7 DSC_9772a3N600



  1. shiela fuller says:

    Love the fox curled up and resting and the one below it where the sand is as high as the rail fencing. I though about the foxes and how they survive through the blizzard. Thanks for showing us , all is ok.

  2. Glenn says:

    Great photos, Ray!

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